Some Facts About Egg Donation Process In South Africa

In South Africa, the process of egg donation is a way to have advanced treatment for fertility at a very affordable price.

As egg donors are encouraged by the need to donate to others and with most altruistic reasons, they receive a marginal donation, as a gesture of their efforts. This contributes to the general affordability of the process.

Egg donors also remain unidentified and assign all rights of every child conceived through their donations, enable confidential egg donation. You can also look for South African egg donor agency to know more about the egg donation process.

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This makes the process easier and more complex to both donor egg and donor-recipient oocyte. The birth mother is the legal mother.

It allows people to come to South Africa, enjoying the beautiful countryside, partakes in affordable fertility treatment and returned home pregnant.

Getting pregnant through egg donation is a miracle pregnancy. Embryos are cultivated in special media for 5 days after egg retrieval. Depending on the quality and viability of embryos, the transfer may occur on the sixth day after the decision.

Techniques have been developed to a level so that the frozen embryos also offer a beautiful phenomenal success rate.

This is largely as a result of new technology that is used to perform coagulation. Embryos can be frozen and preserved for very little, further adding to the affordability of egg donation.

If you need an egg donor or want to find an egg donor, visit your nearest egg donation clinic for affordable egg donation and fertility treatments with world-class IVF egg donation.