Several Sources For Taking Online Courses


A teleseminar is done over the phone. Teleseminars are a great way to share your information with others. You should record your calls for those that want to go back and listen again. You can also create CD's or have it available for purchase on your site.

These recordings will bring in money for a long time to come. You can also browse to to take my online course. After you have decided what you are going to cover, you will need to set up a bridge line and a recording service.

A bridge line is a phone number that people call into so they can hear what you are presenting. There are several no-cost bridge lines and they will record your call for you at no charge. As a back up to the recording from your bridge line, you should consider using a service like Audio Acrobat. This software will allow you to put it on your website.

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A webinar is short for web-based seminar. A webinar can be a class, presentation, or workshop. When you are setting up a webinar, you will need an online conference room.

You can do them in a free conference room, but I don't recommend it. With a free conference room, anyone can come in and disturb your webinar. You don't get that with paid rooms.

You will want to get a room that has audio and will allow you to have a website open for everyone to see. This will save time and make your webinar more professional. Most likely you will have to pay for a room like this, but it will be worth it in the long run.