How To Landscape Your Garden Using Recycled Wooden Pallets?

When the snow melted and the scent of spring floated in the air, people all over the country went to their yards and began working on landscaping projects to beautify their property.

It seems that even the simplest landscape projects are very expensive because supplies are increasing rapidly. The little trick I learned was to jump over expensive supplies and use alternative options such as old wooden pallets.


After you get a few pallets, check whether there is damage. Separate damaged pallets from those that are still intact. Palettes in good condition will get you more blades, but damaged pallets usually still have a few blades and rails. Quality Wooden Crate Box Supplier Sydney – Wooden Box & Crate Co offer a full packaging service should you require it, and can safely pack all your items for you.

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Next, you want to aim the palette so that the bar runs horizontally. Rails are thicker boards on the edges and center, and slats are thinner boards used for the surface of pallets. Some pallets have blades at the top and bottom, and this will give you more wood to work on. Then you can pull out all the staples with needle-nose pliers. Mark all the nail heads that you find on the palette with a paint pen.

Get out of the saw

Now it's time to cut the pallet to free the slats and fence. Start by pinning the chalk line on the left side of the right rail, making sure to avoid nail heads. Before you start cutting, get protective glasses, earmuffs, and a dust mask.

Follow the chalk line with your cut, carefully looking through one salt at a time. Repeat the chalk line on the right side of the left rail, again making sure to avoid nail heads. Make a second cut with a chain saw, again cutting one slat.

After you finish cutting, stand the palette up and knock the blade with a rubber hammer near the middle rail. If the hammer won't cut it, use the pry bar to finish the job. When you're done, you should have a nice clean blade about three feet long.

Utilizing the Material

Palette slats and rails make outlines for parks, walkways or flower beds. Simply cut your bar to the desired size and dig the trench where you want to place the border. Place the parts in place, making sure that they are lined up properly and all are placed at the same depth.