How Playground Equipment Does Affects Child Growth?

Games and sports activities are quite important in the growth and development of children.

They are a simple exercise that children play is very educative, these exercise help them find ways to get around obstacles and coordinate with their friends in order to find a better way to overcome obstacles with their efforts combined into sometimes necessary to find a way through the maze of complicated or trails.

There are many options for playground safety surfaces to ensure the safety of your children. Let the kids make proper use of the equipment .It will develop positive implication in them. Research has shown that during the game play children develop their sensory organs.


Simple sport and physical activity challenge newborn child senses it and fuel their curiosity. The human brain, which is an amazing piece of awesomeness, deals with the challenges and conceives a way to overcome it.

There is some point parents should keep in mind for the safety of their children’s-

  • The risk of falling from a height of more than a few feet (4 or 5 feet to be on the safe side)
  • The use of rubber mats or safe tiles to prevent your children from falling
  • The reliability of the entire structure installed in the playground
  • Safety and maintenance of equipment