Homeschool Record Keeping Strategies In Sacramento

Although there are a variety of different methods for tracking your homeschool experience, most homeschooling parents can be classified as cubbies, tubbies, or binder queens. Although that description might make you laugh, it's very accurate!

Tubbies are people who have giant rubber tubs, and everything in their entire homeschool goes there. Tubbies put all their homeschool notes in the tub for all their children during 12 years of school. If you want to get more information about homeschools in Sacramento, then you can navigate to

This is an acceptable recording method. If you have a box and fill it in, you can remake a lot of your homeschool work when it comes time to take notes and transcripts.

Then some homeschoolers are children. They have drawers, and each drawer is used for one child for one year. This recording has the advantage of knowing things like whose exam is whose and is a good way to keep things straight among many children.

The third type of parent homeschool is the parent binder system. Treating the binding system as a hobby, like ordering a memo, might make it a little easier to envelop your mind. This is the same strategy, where each part is labeled and you put the items where they are.