Food For The Soul Of Authentic Italian Bakery

Food is the basic commodity in a society, we cannot perform our duty and cellular activities as living organism which can make us more weak that results to starvation, malnutrition and death. We all love breads and pastries because it provides and gives energy to sustain our daily living. Try daily bread of authentic italian bakery in Sarasota FL, it is made and prepared by authentic Italian way and ingredients paired with delectable and mouthwatering coffee or tea, so what are you waiting for smell its capturing aroma.

An advertisement being played in a television, where a kid was watching while his other household were busy doing productive and important stuff. A boy, who loved bread and pastry, being attracted by its appetizing aroma and followed it with the rest of his life. A food that inspired him to become a painter and a debater which is ironical and paradoxical.

The story and quest of his life starts with a single step and eventually end with a thousand mile, and it started here. He was in third grade when eating bread is his fond because he believed that eating rice can make him fat that is he loves to eat bread plus its smell, the boy eat pastries during breakfast and dinner. An ambivert boy who loves to draw since drawing pictures is his only best and special friend.

Little chitchat to his friends and being silent in school was his routine activities, then going back to his home. A typical and happy go lucky pupil, learner and a kid, so simple and natural. The teacher believes her instincts that one day this boy has an innate talent that needs to be notice by everyone, an aptitude that is rare to any other pupil.

So she makes a plan on how she can discover their talents, individualities and peculiarities then she said, class in a short bond paper draw anything whether a profession, place, animal or an event that you like and explain it in front of your classmates. Goodbye class and her pupil responded, goodbye and thank you Madam. She is excited for her activity tomorrow for she knows that her pupils will succeed in their own way, some will become professional especially the boy.

The boy puts his bag on the closet, go to his room and start making his assignment. Mom and Dad look, he showed his work to them. What a nice and splendid artwork son, they said. Did you copy it on the internet, they said it reluctantly. Exactly no, I originally made it and his parent were shocked after hearing it since his masterpiece is like a replica of an authentic bakery.

Our son will be a great painter someday, they realized. The best day had arrived because the teacher will now witnessed their wonderful creation that mirrors their future. Everyone is done, a complete silence until his teacher called him, what did you drew, she asked. I draw pastry shop, showed it and his classmates including the teacher were in awe because his work is just beautiful beyond description.

I draw it because I love to eat bread and I want to become a baker, his classmates laughed. Instead he defended his work to everyone. From then on, he loves to draw remarkable artwork until the teacher noticed, loved and help him to make his masterpiece be made known and became a painter. A painter whose masterpiece is all about the importance of a food to family and representation of any imaginations he had.

Aside from being a painter, being a debater is his sideline work and coaching other person in debating. A story told by a father towards his children. His children learned that every great dream begins with a dreamer, and the boy in the story is the father.