Difference between a Business Consultant and Business Coach


The work of a business consultant and business coach sounds the same. However, they work in a different way. These are the differences between the 2.

  • Business Consultant –
  1. A business consultant always works with people such as a group or team depending on the requirement. As a group, a consultant works for a bigger organization.
  2. For a challenge, business consultants are hired to solve the problem. These professionals offer their knowledge on tackling the problem for the organization.
  3. The business consultant usually sits and discusses the problem with the entire team. And whatever the outcome is, the business consultant will be held accountable.
  4. In a situation where the organization cannot find a solution to their problem, then it is the job of the consultant to come up with a solution a.s.a.p.
  5. The consultant plays no part if changes are required to be made in the organization.
  • Business Coach –
  1. Similar to a business consultant, business coach also requires to find a solution for a business.
  2. A business coach usually sits down and discusses about the problem with either the owner or a higher authority individual.
  3. A business coach acts as a mentor to find a solution for the problem of a business. The coach will use his knowledge, ideas and experience to come up with a solution. However, the coach is not going to be responsible if the outcome ends in a negative result.
  4. Business coach also helps in strengthening the mindset of the people working in the business.

In Melbourne, business coach is now the next big thing for many aspiring professionals.