Depuy Knee Replacement Revision

Doing surgery to replace a person's knee can be very stressful to the body, as well as the soul. Life after DePuy knee replacement may not be the same as life before surgery. There are many side effects of DePuy knee replacement. You can take help of knee lawyer at

Those who like to have an active lifestyle may worry they have to change their lives drastically after undergoing the procedure. Although it's true that there will be some differences in life, it doesn't have to be as scary as you believe. 

Understand more about what will happen through your own orthopedic surgeon and research. You will find that you must be able to continue most of your normal activities, even though you must avoid activities that will stress your knees.

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After DePuy knee replacement surgery, when you are still in the hospital, one of the things that the doctor needs is rest. The procedure can be very severe, and it is important to make sure you get plenty of rest before trying to mobilize your knees. 

An orthopedic surgeon will be able to tell you how long you should rest before you begin rehabilitating. The leg muscles are likely to become weak when you first start using your knee again and having a good physical therapist to help you through the initial stages of recovery will be very useful. The therapist will show you some exercises that you can do when you are still recovering in the hospital.

For about six months to a year, you will be able to start adding other activities back to your life that you did before the operation. In general, it takes around six to eight weeks before you can return to work or driving. Follow the development of physical therapy, start walking, swimming, and pay attention to the advice of a physical therapist and your orthopedic surgery. You will not recover overnight, but you will recover and return to your normal routine.